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First Class Flight Services

FCFSSince 2010, First Class Flight Services have proudly served the aviation community with a complete range of affordable aircraft detailing services in Toronto and surrounding area that continuously exceed customer expectations.

Serving private, corporate and commercial flight departments, we dedicate ourselves to using only the highest quality aviation approved products in the industry. This not only provides aesthetic appeal, but will improve performance, reduce fuel burn and prolong the life of your paint.

First Class Flight Services… Cleaning Up The Sky.

F.C.F.S Detailing Services Include:

Quick Turn Aircraft Cleaning

Our quick turn cleaning ensures that all essential areas are cleaned and ready for flight in a short time frame. The fuselage is wiped down; wings, flaps and leading edges are wiped and cleared of debris, Engine cowlings are cleaned and free of oil, main and nose gears are detailed, and windows are cleaned and ready for flight. This is a recommended service in between major cleanings.

Dry Wash Polishing

Our Dry Wash completely cleans and waxes the entire exterior of the aircraft, without water, and gives the exterior a new look. A much deeper cleaning than our Speed Wax, our Dry Wash will remove minor stains while giving the aircraft the best possible protection and overall aesthetic. We recommend this service to every client, as it can breathe life into a weathered aircraft, and maintain the glow for an aircraft with a fresh paint job.

Wet Wash Cleaning

Our Wet Washing service gives attention to the entire exterior of the aircraft. A full scrub down ensures that there is no debris and that all the nooks and crannies have been rinsed with soapy water.  The aircraft is dry and spot free when complete. This service is recommended for aircrafts that have not been cleaned recently, treated with de-icing fluid, or exposed to sea air, leaving behind unwanted residue.

Brightwork Restoration

Brightwork polishing is not only a fundamental element of maintaining an aircraft; it is also what makes an aircraft stand out. We can bring your leading edges, engine Inlets, propeller spinners and thrust reversers to a mirror finish.

Refurbishing De-Ice Boots

Our 3 step process of stripping, conditioning and sealing pneumatic de-ice boots will restore your boots to a high gloss shine while protecting them. Regular de-ice boot treatments will not only keep the boots looking their best but will also extend their life greatly.

Complete Interior Detailing

Our thorough interior detailing takes care of all the hard to reach areas. All surfaces are cleaned, dusted and detailed. All of the carpeting and upholstery is vacuumed and steam cleaned. All leather seating and material is cleaned and conditioned. Galleys and Lavs are detailed and left feeling and smelling new. The cockpit is vacuumed, dusted and detailed to look its best. Any brass or metal accent pieces (floor runners, sinks, and faucets) can be polished, and any unmentioned service can also be provided upon request.

Carpet and Upholstery Extractions

Our steam extraction process deep cleans carpeting and upholstery and revitalizes the overall look of an interior. Additional stain removal can be performed upon request.

Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

Leather cleaning and conditioning is an ideal way to maintain the color, feel and look of your leather. It not only prolongs the life of the pieces, but helps keep the aircraft looking and smelling new.

Additional Services

Every aircraft is created different and can present unique challenges. Thus, the demand for a vast number of services could present themselves when you least expect it. Rest assured, we do accept customized service requests for even the most demanding tasks. With our professional expertise, we will be able to identify your needs and create a customized plan to satisfy them.  Please email us at or call us and we can discuss the details and have you back in the sky, and looking your best.

Our Mission

Professional, seamless service while striving to continuously improve our quality.

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